The Monastery Chapel

A cozy ‘Village Chapel’ in Aalborg’s city centre

The Monastery Chapel, with 75-80 seats, is located on the west wing of Aalborg Monastery and offers church services for the public as well as other ecclesiastical activities. In addition to the Monastery’s own use, it is also often used, amongst others, for concerts and lectures.

Aalborg Monastery owns the chapel but, it is the staff from Aalborg’s Budolfi Cathedral, who service and undertake its ecclesiastical duties. All enquiries regarding ecclesiastical matters are handled by the Cathedral Office. Read more via this link.

The Monastery Chapel’s current appearance is due to major restoration in 2009-2010, when the Chapel’s art was also reinterpreted by sculptor Mogens Møller. Read more about the church’s decoration via this link.

The Chapel is a rare example of a building, that for the most part, was not built for that purpose. It began as a modest room at the southern end of the west wing, intended to be used as a nursery.

The current chancel was built in 1681. During the Chapel’s renovation 1894- 1897, the church was restored and extended with an entrance porch located under the organ. At the same time the chancel was rebuilt and the beautiful 3-sided apse with its copper roof was added.


Contact for the Monastery Chapel

All enquiries regarding ecclesiastical matters, please contact the Aalborg Cathedral Office:
Tel. 9812 4670

For further contact information see the Cathedral’s website via the link here.

Virtual tour

It is common knowledge that Google Street View offers virtual tour of cities and sights around the world. It is also possible to take a virtual tour in Aalborg Monastery Chapel.

The video ‘The Abbey & Google Street View’ shows how the tour was made during a visit by Google’s photographer. You can experience the Monastery Chapel in Google Street View via this link.