Guided tour in Aalborg Monastery

With almost 600 years of history to tell the Monastery of the Holy Ghost and your guide awaits you.

The 600-year history of Aalborg Monastery spans from Maren Hemming’s first Alms House to the Monastery of the Holy Ghost, then after the Reformation to the Diocesan Hospital and finally back to the present day Monastery of the Holy Ghost with its preserved historic premises and 26 contemporary apartments.

A guided tour of Aalborg Monastery offers you the opportunity to get behind the thick walls of one of Northern Europe’s best-preserved monastery facilities. Here you can, amongst other things, experience the monk’s dining room, the prior’s room and not least the beautiful, monk’s cloister walk and the chapter hall with its unique frescoes from the early 16-century.

On the tour you will also hear about the Latin School and the Churchill Club, both of which played an important part in the exciting history of this place. Sadly, the Monastery Chapel is often involved with ecclesiastical duties and therefore cannot always be part of a guided tour.

In July and August there are fixed, scheduled, summer tours, but it is also possible to book a guided tour. Read more about guided tours via this link. To a limited extent, it is also possible to book a tour where the Monastery Superintendant or Caretaker guides you round. Read more about Monastery Superintendant tours via this link.


Summer tours in Aalborg Monastery

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 July – 22 August 2019, Aalborg Guide Association organises guided tours of Aalborg Monastery.

Time: 14:00
Meeting point: Monastery Courtyard
Price: 50, – DKK for adults. Children under 12: free.

Tours start at 14.00 and last approximately one and a half hours. The tour guide sells tickets in the Monastery Courtyard before the start of the tour.

Meet in good time, because when the tour has started, it is no longer possible to enter the Monastery.

On several summer tours, the Monastery Chapel may also be included, subject to being free from ecclesiastical duties.

If it is not possible to participate in one of the scheduled summer tours, there is the possibility to book a guide for your own, exciting tour of Aalborg Monastery.


Order your own Guide

It is popular with associations and staff groups, amongst others, to book a guided tour of the Monastery. It could also be an exciting cultural feature for a family reunion or, simply a guide for your own tour of Aalborg Monastery.

Guided tours can take place in Danish, English, German or French. Please tell us your language preference in advance.

Booking a guide takes place through Aalborg Guide Association:
Tel. 3042 5894


Superintendent led tour of Aalborg Monastery

In addition to the regular summer tours and tours with an Aalborg Guide Association guide; there is the possibility, although limited, to book a tour of the Monastery with either the Monastery’s Superintendant or Caretaker guiding you around the historic buildings.

A tour through the historic premises lasts approximately one and a half hours, and if free from ecclesiastical duties will include the Monastery Chapel. Along the way you will hear stories from the Monastery’s almost 600-year history.

On these tours you will also hear about everyday life in today’s Aalborg Monastery and about the operation of this self-governing institution. A guided tour may include parts of the monastery that are not normally included in general guided tours.

The price is DKK 2,500 for a group of a maximum of 25 people. The amount goes in full to the operation of Aalborg Monastery.

Tours can be arranged by contacting the Monastery Superintendant by e-mail